Why Colour Matters in Leaflet Design

By 5th January 2017 No Comments

Using colour in leaflet and flyer design

Many of us know that designing an effective leaflet campaign requires the right overall look to capture your target market’s attention and entice them to read. According to a study done by Marketing Magazine, incorporating colour into leaflet design makes it 48% more likely to be skimmed by consumers in Greater London.

But merely choosing to incorporate colour doesn’t immediately increase the effectiveness of a leaflet. Choosing the right colours to represent your products and services can help convey your marketing messages to your ideal consumer before they ever read the copy. Colour really matters in leaflet design

Expand Your Brand

Choosing colours for a leaflet that are an extension of your logo and other marks associated with your brand will increase your brand awareness by creating a cohesive voice in your marketing efforts.

To keep your leaflet from looking flat and predictable, be sure to encourage the use of your secondary and tertiary colours associated with your brand. By having a range of colours that represent your brand, you can create variety of impactful looks while designing a leaflet with brand guidelines.

Evoke Emotional Resonance

There is a reason that every time you see a “Sale” sign it is in red. Red signifies danger – danger that stock may run out. Using choice colours to create a greater feeling will create an engaging experience for your audience. See the infographic compiled by Carey Joliffe Graphic Arts below for more information on the psychological messages colours convey.

Become Memorable

Although the sense of smell is ultimately the sense most directly tied to memory, sight has been human’s most important sense for survival. From the days of hunters and gatherers, humans have used visual experiences to ensure their safety and provide for themselves.

By creating a unique colour story, you can increase the impact of your leafleting campaign with the power of human visual memory. Designing a leaflet with colour helps us process and store information more efficiently than black and white images. As a result, it is easier to recall both the messaging and the images of a leaflet with effective colour design.

Of course, choosing a dynamic colour scheme is only one of the many decisions you’ll need to make to ensure a good return on investment on door drop campaigns. For more information on how to design a marketing campaign, visit our blog or contact one of our creative campaign strategists today.