Ways to Make Your Leaflet Stand Out

By 9th July 2017 No Comments

Make your Leaflet Unique

According to a study done by Marketing Magazine, 45% of consumers can’t tell the difference between door drop and direct mail campaigns. Instead, they consider it all “junk mail.” To avoid having your leaflets tossed aside, use creative door drop campaign design with targeted demographics and make your leaflet stand out.

There are many ways to make your leaflet unique all along the door drop development process:

Thoughtful Messaging

How do you want your target audience to feel?
What one piece of information do you want them to remember?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help direct your messaging while keeping it short and to the point. Effective door drop campaigns have well-focused content because people don’t read much unless you have a high-involvement purchase you’re wanting them to make like a car or home. Keep your target market’s natural language patterns in mind to capture their attention!

Effective Layout Design

Take advantage of how the eyes look over a leaflet to capture the attention of your reader and provide them with the most compelling information first. Put more content on the front than the back and more at the top of the page than bottom. And create white space around images and information you want to catch their eyes.

Another effective leaflet design is choosing uncommon shapes for your leaflet to take. Many leaflets are a standardized post card or flat sheet of paper. Use heavier papers and interesting cutout shapes so the leaflet doesn’t stack as easily. Give it an interesting but easily understood fold system to keep your audience reading.


Everyone enjoys trying new things, but we are creatures of habit because of the risk involved in choosing a new product you may not enjoy. Attach samples to your door drop leaflet to reach a large audience without the limitations of a demonstrational event.

After trying and enjoying your product, there will be two reminders to use it again: the leaflet and the sample packaging. This creates a higher return on investment for your door drop campaign.

Compelling Calls to Action

Every leaflet needs a call to action because it tells your target market how to receive more information or order your products and services now. An effective CTA has 3 key components: a no-obligation statement to reduce risk, a simple command statement, and encouragement to respond without delay. For more information on writing leaflets to inspire action for your door drop leafleting campaign, read our recent blog post on How to Write Effective Calls to Action.

Solus Distribution

Choosing solus distribution will set your leaflet apart because it will arrive on your target market’s door as a single leaflet instead of in a local newspaper or other bundle. Solus distribution services are a great choice for one-off leaflets and as an eye-catching part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Making your adverts appealing to your target market is a necessary part of creating an effective door drop campaign. For more information on how to set your leaflets apart, please contact one of our creative campaign consultants.