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demographic targeting

The National Door to Door Company appreciates that correct targeting of leaflet distribution campaigns is key.  That is why d2dc use several demographic profiling systems and methods to correctly find this audience.

Historically, profile targeting has been focused on social classification such as ABC1.  However, with the ability to use multiple data and insight tools in combination audiences, can now be more specific.  By drilling down into housing, lifestyle, financial, employment data etc. d2dc are able to look at the granular detail and return a more specific audience.

Our most common ways of targeting are detailed below:

ACORN Profiling

ACORN is an advanced consumer classification system which segments the UK population. ACORN analyses demographic data, social factors, population and consumer behaviour, providing a thorough understanding of the different types of people.

ACORN provides valuable consumer insight helping you target, acquire and develop profitable customer relationships and improve service delivery.

The population is divided into 6 Categories, 18 Groups and 62 Acorn types. Each full postcode e.g. YO26 6RW is allocated an ACORN Type.

One of our experienced consultants will use the ACORN data to start creating a consumer profile.   Once we have identified the ACORN type that you are looking to target we will overlay this with postcode data to provide a detailed map of where the target audience is.

When used in conjunction with an existing Customer Base, it provides a Profile of that customer, enabling d2dc to identify other areas of the same audience.  This can be national, local or in proximity to certain locations.

Clients have been able to target specific demographics such as:

  • Mortgaged Properties
  • Properties with 3 bedrooms
  • Households with children at the end of KS4
  • Number of cars in Household
  • Interests such as Gambling, Golf and Football
  • Households with Children at home
  • Household annual income

This is just a small selection of what we can target and for more information as to how d2dc can help you please get in contact.

Council Boundary Targeting

Here at d2dc we understand that not all council boundaries fall within a whole postcode sector.  Our specialised mapping and routing systems identify delivery boundaries using the Postcode Address File, National Statistics Database and Geo-Plan Tactician.   The National Statistics Database is used to assist with data preparation and is updated quarterly.

This allows us to match a Council boundary whilst avoiding disruption to neighbouring areas.   We offer multiple distribution methods, ensuring all households receive the intended communication.

Proximity Targeting

Suited for new store openings amongst other campaigns, proximity targeting is where d2dc will map an audience within a radius of a central point.  There is the option of either having the radius set by the number of households, a distance radius or a drive-time.

The above is just a snapshot of what d2dc can offer.  For more information, and to find your target audience, please get in contact with the National Door to Door Company today.


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