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Solus leaflet distribution

Solus leaflet distributions are delivered by individuals or teams completely independent of any other marketing material. This distribution method maximises the item’s visibility as there are no other leaflets/marketing material to take the eye away from yours.

Since it is hand delivered, this channel of distribution allows for complete customisation in when and where your items will be received. This minimises any potential waste whilst maximising the impact of your marketing campaign.  However, as such, solus distribution is often a more costly method in comparison to team (shared) distribution.

Each solus leaflet distribution campaign is planned and managed in a bespoke way from the very start of the planning process right through to the independent back-checking.

Solus distribution is recommended for important messages where impact is key for your campaign.  This distribution method also works well for small, highly targeted distributions and for heavier weighted items such as magazines and brochures.

Many businesses, including Local Authorities, choose this distribution method due to the visibility and customisation to fit in with Council boundaries and bespoke areas rather than just postcode sector.

Each Solus leaflet distribution campaign is back-checked.  This gives you peace of mind that your message is reaching the audience that you are looking for.

Benefits of a Solus Leaflet Distribution 

  • No other material distributed with yours giving you greater exposure through the letterbox.
  • Greater flexibility than other distribution methods with regards to timings of your campaign.
  • Easier to plan a bespoke distribution campaign outside of full postcode sectors.
  • More cost effective solution than other leaflet distribution services for heavier weighted items, giving your campaign a greater ROI.
  • Independent back-checking of your leaflet distribution, therefore, giving you peace of mind.

For more information on how a solus distribution can enhance your next campaign, please call us today. One of our experienced account managers will be on hand to discuss your requirements and deliver a bespoke solution for you.

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Solus Leaflet Distribution is a key service offered by The National Door to Door Company.  High levels of customer service along with the effective planning of your distribution will be delivered by d2dc.