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Shared leaflet distribution

Shared Leaflet Distribution, or team distribution as it’s otherwise known, is the most common of all leaflet distribution methods.  On average Leaflets are distributed with up to three other non-competing leaflets through the letterbox.

Prior to deciding if shared leaflet distribution is right for your campaign, the planning process of finding the right audience areas will be undertaken by our experienced team.

Here at d2dc we will find and map out your target audience prior to campaign sign off. This gives you peace of mind along with a visual representation of the campaign.

As your leaflet goes out with others, it is important that we do not have competing industries. To guarantee this, d2dc have a strict policy that no competing leaflets will be distributed together ensuring maximum visibility.

Flexibility of dates can be somewhat limited with shared leaflet distribution due to the schedules of other leaflet distributions in a particular area. D2dc however, will work closely with you and our internal distribution teams on this to try and accommodate all requests.

Each leaflet distribution campaign is back-checked. This gives you the assurance that your message is reaching the audience that you are looking for.  With shared leaflet distribution, as we are essentially piggy-backing on other campaigns, the cost is usually lower than other leaflet distribution options.

Benefits of a Shared Leaflet Distribution

  • More cost effective than other leaflet distribution options.
  • Full audience and demographic planning of your leaflet distribution campaign.
  • Independent back-checking of your leaflet distribution, therefore, giving you peace of mind.

For more information on how a shared leaflet distribution can help maximise your marketing effectiveness, please call us today. One of our experienced account managers will be on hand to help plan your campaign; choosing the most relevant areas through demographic targeting.

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The National Door to Door company are market leaders in shared leaflet distribution.  With decades of experience amongst the team, you can be rest assured that your leaflet distribution is in experienced and safe hands.  Planning and executing targeted and effective campaigns is our expertise.  As a d2dc customer, you will receive a personal service from your dedicated account manager