Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution

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Royal mail leaflet distribution

With Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet distribution, your item is delivered by the Royal Mail postal service alongside the household mail.

This service is extremely beneficial for larger targeted campaigns where postcode sectors are scattered across multiple parts of the country.

Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet distribution works with full postcode sectors.  The number which starts the second part of the postcode is the postcode sector.  For example, with YO25 6RW, the 6 will be the sector identifier.   Although you cannot break these down you have assurance that all households in the sector will receive your marketing material.

As the leaflets are delivered with the postman / postwoman you have the guarantee that your message will reach your target audience.

Because the leaflets are delivered with the household daily mail, the exposure is much greater.  If the call to action on your leaflet is strong, the chance of catching the eye as the post is sorted increases.

As Royal Mail have strict guidelines, it is important that campaigns are planned as far in advance as possible.  With Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet distribution, we require a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice, giving enough time to get the campaign booked in.

If you are new to leaflet distribution, or have never used Royal Mail Door to Door before, then d2dc can offer some great incentives for new customers on items weighing less than 35 grams.

Benefits of a Royal Mail Door to Door Leaflet Distribution

  • Higher penetration rate compared to shared and solus leaflet distribution.
  • Full Audience and demographic planning of your leaflet distribution campaign.
  • Exclusive rates for new customers using this service

For more information on how a Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet distribution can help maximise your marketing effectiveness, please call us today.

One of our experienced in-house planners will be on hand to help organise your campaign; choosing the most relevant postcode sectors through demographic targeting.

Alternatively please request a quote here.

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