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Targeted Local Leaflet Distribution in Peterborough

The National Door to Door Company is able to fully service leaflet distribution in the Peterborough postcode area.

Contained within the PE postcode area are Peterborough, Hampton, Huntingdon, St Neots, St Ives, Wisbech, Kings Lynn, Spalding, Stamford and Boston amongst others.
The Peterborough Postcode area (PE) is broken down into the following postcode districts.

PE1 PE2 PE3 PE4 PE5 PE6 PE7 PE8 PE9 PE10 PE11 PE12 PE13 PE14 PE15 PE16 PE17 PE18 PE19 PE20 PE21 PE22 PE23 PE24 PE25 PE26 PE27 PE28 PE29 PE30 PE31 PE32 PE33 PE34 PE35 PE36 PE37 PE38 PE99

Each postcode area is broken down into sectors i.e. PE7 8 with 8 being the sector number.

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The PE Postcode Demographic.

Within the PE postcodes, there are over 409,000 residential properties and over 20,000 business addresses.  So whether you are looking to target consumers or businesses, The National Door to Door Company can assist with leaflet distribution in Peterborough.

The Peterborough postcode area is largely rural meaning that the ACORN type ‘Countryside Communities’ is dominant. ‘Countryside Communities’ equates to 21% of the total households and is indexed 224 points above the national average.

Housing is typically owner occupied, detached or semi-detached however there will be some renting and tied property.

Whilst there is a fair amount of agricultural employment there are also many other skilled occupations and some professional people.

Other dominant profiles are ‘Mature Money’ and ‘Successful Suburbs’ which make up 19% of the Households between them.

As you move into the more built up areas, such as Peterborough, Kings Lynn, Spalding and Boston, these profiles change based on the individual postcode sectors.

To find out more on these individual areas please get in contact. 

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Leaflet Distribution Services offered in Peterborough

The National Door to Door Company offers a fully bespoke demographic targeting service for leaflet distribution in Peterborough to find the audience that you are looking for.

Being a National Company, d2dc are also able to offer leaflet distribution outside of the Peterborough area.  If you’re looking for local leaflet distribution in Peterborough, or looking for a wider reach campaign, you will still receive the same level of service from the National Door to Door Company.

Please contact us today for more information or please request a free quote for leaflet distribution in Peterborough.


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If you are looking for leaflet distribution Peterborough then d2dc are here to help.

National Door to Door company are market leaders in local leaflet distribution.  With decades of experience amongst the team, d2dc offer assurance that your leaflet distribution is in experienced and safe hands.  Planning and executing targeted and effective campaigns is our expertise.  As a d2dc customer, you will receive a personal service from your dedicated account manager