How to Write Calls to Action for Leaflets

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Leaflet Call to Action

Before your leaflet is ready to be sent out, you’ll need an effective, targeted call to action. To choose effective CTAs for leaflets, first you must have the answer to two questions:

What makes your target market distinctive?
How can you make their lives easier or more fulfilling?

The answers to these questions will give you valuable information to meet your target market’s needs and expectations. Take into account what their morning routines, weekend schedules or nighttime rituals look like. How can you become part of their daily lives? A door drop leaflet campaign will arrive in their home. So it is important to choose a CTA that already fits into their hectic schedules. Make sure you write a call to action.

There are 3 things every call to action needs:

A No-Obligation Statement to Reduce Risk

Give your audience something to reduce or remove the risk of trying your product or service like a voucher, free sample or consultation at little to no cost or with no purchase necessary. This will build trust in your brand because when you are willing to invest in your customers, you demonstrate your superior product to keep them coming back.

Having your product on offer will bring passersby into your establishment, but a targeted door drop campaign with the right perk will encourage your target market to take action beyond their daily schedules.

CTA without Risk Reduction:
Call today to reserve a table at PiGiano’s Italian.

CTA with Risk-Free Offer:
Reserve a table for PiGiano’s Italian for half off on your first meal!

A Simple Command Statement

If you don’t tell people how to act, they won’t! An effective leaflet CTA should tell your target market how to act with a simple step-by-step process. Everyone’s lives are busy, so keeping your action simple will break down barriers to entry.

CTA with No Clear Action Statement:
Learn more about how an MBA can advance your career today!

CTA with a Clear Action Statement:
Call 0808 804 5555 to make an appointment with our career counselors, and start working toward your future career today!

Encouragement to Respond Immediately

The average person in the UK is exposed to as many as 3500 adverts daily, according to the Guardian. So when you do capture your target audience’s attention, it is key to inspire action immediately before the noise of daily life drowns out your message. Don’t give viewers the option to wait and consider.

CTA with No Immediacy:
Drop by our location on Lilford Road for a free sample of our improved frozen yogurt!

CTA with Immediacy:
Bring this voucher to our location on Lilford Road by Wednesday, the 20th of November for a free frozen yogurt!

What calls to action do you like best? Which has created the best return on investment for your business? Let us know in the comments down below!