How to Select Your Leaflet’s Audience

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While there are many steps to creating an effective leaflet, the most important is finding your target audience. Selecting the right target market will help cater your leaflet’s design and messaging to resonate with your audience and aim for a high return on investment.

Before you begin writing your leaflet’s copy, there are a few questions that, when addressed, can establish a point of view based on your ideal consumer’s wants and needs.

Whose life will your product improve?

Though oftentimes businesses want to think their products are for everyone, there are frequently people who would benefit from it more. When you try and reach everyone, it is common for you to create common-denominator copy that doesn’t touch anyone personally.

Create a few specific bios of the types of people who would most enjoy your product: The working mother of three with a dog who struggles to get enough exercise. The incoming college student who is nervous about making new friends. The high-powered business executive whose work day begins at 5 a.m. These bios should include demographic information like marital status, income level and so forth.

Where would you find this person?

This question should expand upon your customer bios. What do their weekdays, weekends and holidays look like? Where do they shop, commute, socialize, work and live? By understanding what your consumers’ lives look like, you can more easily write and design to their needs.

Who will read your leaflet?

Once you have in-depth consumer bios, it is likely that you will need multiple leaflets to resonate with your whole audience. Though not every bio needs a separate leaflet, creating groups will help guide content developers to reach your target market effectively with your unique selling proposition.

Every bio will have a different set of questions answered before they will be enticed by your product. A high-powered business executive doesn’t have time to read too much copy, but wants specs and features clearly labeled. A new mother wants to feel you have her baby’s best interest at heart. Tailor your copy to meet their needs as a consumer to convert leads more quickly.

What do you want to achieve with your leaflet?

Set goals and objectives after conducting preliminary research to tailor your call to action accordingly. When writing your goals, be sure to have larger concepts and visions in mind like building a customer list or increasing sales. Objectives, however, should be the measureable and timely structural components of your larger goals.

By defining in advance both conceptually and structurally what success looks like, you can establish your baseline statistics and better measure the return on investment for your door drop campaign.

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Tips for a Successful Audience Selection

Find a Niche

By choosing to market to a specific audience, you can more effectively sell to their needs. Create a persuasive unique selling perspective by touching lives rather than appealing to the common denominator.

Focus on Why

By choosing to focus on why your company provides its unique products and services, you will attain customers who believe what you believe instead of customers just looking for the best deal. By inspiring others to believe what you believe, you create lasting relationships with consumers through shared goals.

Look at Your Competition

Researching your competitors’ marketing materials is a common practice at the beginning of a new campaign. However, this is frequently misguided by using the information to copy their techniques because they have worked. Instead, go in a new direction from your competitors to create a persuasive unique selling proposition that meets the needs of an unaddressed target market.

Selecting your target market can be a longer process, but having a full understanding of their needs and lives and your key attributes will simplify the process of creating an effective marketing strategy significantly.

For more information on how to reach your target market, please contact one of our creative campaign specialists.