How to Increase ROI for Your Leaflet Campaign

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Print media is still one of the leading choices for a great return on investment for marketing efforts, but there are some ways to increase its effectiveness. Though every aspect of your door drop marketing strategy is important, we believe these factors can help boost your ROI without decreasing your messaging effectiveness.

Target Your Market Accurately

Are your products and services right for businesses or consumers? The answer may be both. Do you want to define your delivery parameters by postcode or by demographic information? Before you begin your creative process, make a series of buyer personas that will help scope distribution strategy and target the messaging for your project. Then work with a door drop distribution specialist to get your finished leaflets into the hands of your target market. For more information on reaching your ideal consumers, read our blog How to Select Your Leaflet’s Audience.

Develop Focused Messaging

Use your brand parameters and buyer personas to create copy that resonates with your target market while integrating seamlessly with your business’ distinctive voice. By leading with your brand’s personality first, your leaflet will capture customers based on a shared connection that can lead to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

In addition to creating a connection with a consumer, your leaflet’s messaging should carry a few key elements to inspire action:

First, your leaflet should have a compelling offer that makes your product more valuable than a competitor’s. It can be a free gift, a discount, a seasonal product or a myriad of other eye-catching possibilities that fit into your target market’s lifestyle.

Second, you will need to create a sense of urgency. This can look like an expiration date or limited offer availability.

Finally, you will need at least one call to action. Your call to action should be a single statement with the information on where, when and how to act to receive your offer. It is easy to make a CTA overly complicated or less convincing. So, we suggest reading our blog on How to Write Calls to Action for Leaflets for more information.

Timing and Choosing Your Distribution Method

Selecting a distribution method and timing are the two most important factors to see a response to your leaflet. Our creative campaign specialists will target your ideal consumers within your budget to optimize your ROI. For more information, contact one of our distribution representatives.

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