5 Misconceptions of Door Drop Marketing

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Leaflet Distribution Misconceptions

According to the latest figures from the European Letterbox Marketing Association, door drop marketing accounts for 15 percent of all advertising budgets in Denmark, 11 percent in Finland and nearly 10 percent in France. In the UK, however, door drop only accounts for 1.5 percent of all advertising revenue.

So why are so many businesses discounting the power of leafleting? They think door drop marketing is less sexy, less personalized and has no interactive format. But experts in the field know all that a comprehensive door drop campaign can offer. Keep reading to learn more about the misconceptions of door drop and why they’re incorrect.

Misconception #1: They Aren’t Targeted

Our creative campaign planners are given powerful demographics targeting software to effectively meet your target audience at its doorstep. You have the capacity to choose how targeted and how widespread your message will be seen when you choose an efficient door drop campaign tailored to your unique needs.

Misconception #2: They Yield Low Response Rates

Door drop campaigns have one of the highest response rates in traditional marketing because 85 percent of UK citizens take the time to leaf through their mail. Your leaflets will also have the distinct advantage of a lasting medium that can assure many impressions per leaflet.

Misconception #3: Leaflets Aren’t Interactive

In an internet age, we have a tendency to think of interactive media as being of the audiovisual persuasion. However, a well-designed leaflet can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles to create an interactive experience with your user. Effective leaflets should have compelling calls to action that encourages further engagement with your brand beyond the leaflet, too.

Misconception #4: They Only Reach a Limited Audience

Dynamic door drop campaigns can help you expand your customer base by targeting consumers with similar demographics information as your ideal customer. As stated above, your marketing goals will help define the nature of your creative leafleting campaign to gain the results your business needs.

Misconception #5: Printed Materials are Costly

With so many marketing techniques available today, traditional ink and paper advertising can appear dated and costly. But door drop marketing techniques can have the lowest cost per impression of any outbound campaign. The key to building the best return on investment for your marketing budget is built into our creative campaign planning services to find your target market.