5 Business Strategies for Great Door Drop Campaigns

By 7th July 2017 No Comments

Leaflet Distribution Strategy

At d2dc, we think there is a leaflet for every occasion. But the truth is that some business strategies are simply more effective with a comprehensive door drop campaign because of the low cost per impression and high return on investment. Here are some times in a business’ life we believe lend themselves to great leafleting opportunities.

Entering New Markets

When your business is establishing itself in a new market, a door drop marketing campaign is an inexpensive way to capture your ideal consumer’s attention. Since approximately 85% of all consumers look through their mail before discarding it, your leaflets will have a low cost per impression.

Extending Existing Databases

Using effective calls to action in your leaflets like coupons and samples will give you a way to easily track specific individuals who are interested in your products and continue targeting them through your existing marketing processes. Growing existing databases and nurturing them will cost your business 300% less per customer on average than obtaining new ones.

Reaching a New Audience

Reaching a new audience is easy because of the highly targeted demographics software available to locate your ideal consumer. Don’t spend money on expensive research to find how to best capture their attention elsewhere when you can be delivered directly to their door.

Sending Samples to a Wide Audience

Sampling is a great way to set your leaflet apart and capture your audience’s attention, but many methods of sampling require your target market to be in a specific location at a specific time. Reach a wider audience by adding samples to your door drop campaign and have it delivered directly to their letterboxes.

Supporting Comprehensive Ad Campaigns

Research tells us that it takes an average of 7 impressions before a consumer will consider taking action. Capture their attention in as many settings as possible by adding an effective door drop campaign to your tactics for a comprehensive marketing campaign.

All these strategies and more are a great opportunity to expand your marketing campaign with effective door drop leaflets. Your message can reach further for less by choosing a creative campaign plan that will captivate your target market.

For more information on how d2dc can help plan your next leaflet distribution campaign please contact one of our experienced campaign planners today.