5 Common Leaflet Distribution Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Leaflet Distribution Mistakes

Developing effective door drop campaigns requires a lot of know-how in a wide variety of disciplines: business strategy, copywriting, leaflet design, audience targeting, customer service, printing, advert placement, distribution and more. So, sometimes things slip through the cracks.

To avoid common leafleting mistakes, we highly suggest you consider working with professionals with expertise in each of these fields. However, this is a great checklist to make sure the most important aspects of your leaflets are up to par.

Poor Audience Targeting

Since all of your messaging, strategy and creative efforts are built to resonate with a specific audience, it would make sense that poor audience targeting in the distribution of your leaflet would result in a less desirable response rate. In fact, the same leaflet sent to two different audiences can reap wildly different responses.

To make sure you are reaching your target market, take advantage of high-impact demographic profiling software to select your ideal consumers and customer and market analysis to learn where they reside.

No or Poorly Chosen Offer

Leafleting is a high-volume marketing technique. Consequently, you need to make your leaflet stand out from the crowd to improve your response rates. One way to do this is with an outstanding offer.

An offer persuades readers to choose your product or service over what your competitors are selling. Your offer must differentiate you from the competition by way of price, terms, guarantees or value added extras. Choose an offer that fits into the needs of your ideal consumer’s lifestyle.

Self-Serving Instead of Customer-Serving

Believe it or not, people don’t want to hear about your business or your revolutionary product or service. What they want to know is what your product can do for them. How will it make the customer’s life easier? How will it fulfill their needs? This is the time to tell them!

One way to ensure effective leaflet copy is to rearrange any sentences that say “we” to be about “you.” Often, the same points can be made with the consumer in mind without much additional effort.

No Call to Action

The best way to ensure results is with an inspiring call to action. Ask and ye shall receive. Each call to action needs three components to achieve success: a no-obligation risk, a simple command and encouragement to respond quickly. Missing even one ingredient can render your call to action unproductive. For more information on effective calls to action, read our previous post “How to Write Calls to Action for Leaflets.”

No Sense of Urgency

With an indefinite offer, consumers are far more likely to put off their attraction to your products until they forget it all together. To turn interest into response, create a clear timeline in your offer statement. Good examples of creating a sense of urgency are providing limited-time offer coupons or allowing the first 50 to respond get an additional gift.

These mistakes, though common, can make a large difference in your ROI for a leaflet campaign. For more information on how to design a door drop campaign that will capture your target market, please contact one of our creative campaign specialists.

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